King's Academy 2020

Creating in Crisis

Annual Arts Showcase

Editor's Note

As the year draws closer to its end, I have been hearing many students and faculty say the words, “I never thought...”: My senior advisees never thought they wouldn’t promenade on commencement walk for graduation, my colleagues who are serving their last year at King’s never thought to leave campus with such heavy hearts,  and the visual arts teachers never thought they would have to showcase the work of their students on a screen. Traditionally, the visual Art Annual Showcase is a celebration of not just the students' visual skills but of their curatorial, concept, and building skills. Spearheaded by the AP Art and Design students, the Masri Courtyard becomes a fantasy world of shapes, color, sound, and light. The students transform the space to transport their audience into a world full of unimaginable creativity. As an homage to this tradition held every May, we have included some images from past years under the Visual Art tab. 



I never thought that the 2020 AP Art and Design cohort would show their work behind a screen. But what I do think, is that they are the most creative, the most resilient and the most dedicated. 


This website is dedicated to the AP artists of 2020. Although you did not bow out in style as you have imagined when you first walked into room 101, you still did an INCREDIBLE job bringing this together for all of us to enjoy in quarantine 



Thank you. 

It is this showcase that usually sends us all to a summer full of discovery and adventure, but Jordan has been in lockdown since March resulting in canceled plays and concerts. It is therefore why the ADT department decided to rename its showcase to the ARTS instead of ART showcase to also celebrate our singers, musicians, and actors. 

- Ms. Joanna Tutinji