Art & Design

"Hello My Name Is" 

This project challenged the students to create self-portraits that departed from the traditional practice of portraiture. Students were given a set of elements that were representative of their personalities such as:

-favorite animal

-something you hate

-something you love

-two geometric shapes

-pattern or texture

-favorite letter or number

-favorite color


The students were challenged to curate all these elements in a composition that would also demonstrate their understanding of design principles such as balance, rhythm and repetition, scale and hierarchy.  

"Designing awareness"

In a few short weeks students in the art and design course have learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create posters that promote awareness to stay at home during the COVID19 crisis. Students channeled their knowledge of design principles such as symmetry , emphasis, rhythm and repetition, to curate elements of text and shape that culminated in a thoughtful design outcome. The design choices made by each student was heavily informed by their chosen target audience.


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This project, completed a few weeks ago, asked students in Art & Design to film a commercial. Bombarded by advertisements as we are from a young age, it is easy to ignore the artistry inherent in even the most basic visual commercials, and students were exposed to famously profitable ads released by McDonald’s, Unicef, and Kraft Heinz and discussed their artistic merits. Then, each student chose a product to advertise, defined a clear, specific mood to convey in the commercial, and filmed at least 5 different shots to use. Each commercial also includes music, text, and a voiceover. In sum, the commercials demonstrate students’ growing understanding of the artistic elements of color and space