In an effort to support our local artist community in Jordan amidst the COVID19 crisis, we have commissioned three artists from various disciplines to create workshops especially for the King’s community. This effort is also in lieu of our annual Art Week that was supposed to take place just after our spring break in March. 

Arabic Calligraphy

Hussein Alazaat is a multi-disciplinary designer, calligraphy artist and typography enthusiast from Jordan. He believes in the power of Arabic calligraphy in modern brands and products with the emphasis of contemporary treatment in his works. In his design space in Amman; ELHARF House, he is accumulating a vital chronicle of Arab publications and rare prints for archiving and sharing knowledge’s aspirations. Hussein has co-founded Wajha; a social design initiative aims to redesign the small shops’ facades of the Arab World. To find more of Hussein's work visit his Instagram page: @hussein_alazaat 

Digital Illustration 

AL-Nuha  Sharw is an Architect and visual conceptual artist that found joy in the painting and photography. She started her journey in 2008 writing comics and painting. She received many awards and the most prominent was the “Project Pen” award in 2014. An Nuha is a trainer in the painting and digital painting  especially with organizations such as “King Abdullah fund for development” , “Juhud” and “UNICEF”. She co-founded a comic series called “Joman” in the 2016 and “Hatched” artistic initiative in 2019. To find more of Al-Nuha's work visit her Instagram page:

Watercolor Painting

Rand Abdul Nour specializes in drawing and painting in all mediums, her work revolves around social and political issues, and has held joint exhibitions in the USA and Amman, and a solo art exhibition in Amman. 

Abdul Nour has been working as a freelancer in the Art department of several local and international films. She has also worked on TV series, music videos, short films, and commercials mostly as a production designer, an art director, set decorator or a scenic painter. Abdul Nour has also been teaching arts, she joined King's Academy in 2010 as a Drawing, Painting, AP Studio Art, Guerilla Art and Tech Theatre teacher, at the Department of Fine and Performing Arts. In 2012, Rand joined the teaching faculty at the Department of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan, then returned to King’s Academy in 2016 as a faculty member in the Department of Fine and Performing Arts, and became head of the department in 2017, through her work at King's Academy she was able to help students develop their own artistic voice while creating and exhibiting original artwork.